London fare zone 7

List of stations in London fare zones 7–9, G and W

Fare zones 7–9 are ancillary zones of the Travelcard and Oyster card fare charging scheme managed by Transport for London. Additionally, fare zones G and W are further zones where fares are set by National Rail train operating companies. The fare zones are located entirely outside Greater London, and are typically more than 16 miles (26 km) from Piccadilly Circus.


The zones extend in segments from the outer boundary of Greater London to the north west into Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire and to the east into Essex. Unlike zones 1 to 6, they do not form a complete ring around London. They currently include eight London Underground stations on the Metropolitan Line and the London Overground stations which are outside Greater London and not within the principal zones 1-6.

Watford Junction, although served by the London Overground, is not included in the numbered zones, forming a single-station zone W (for Watford). Since 2 January 2010, a number of stations in Thurrock formed a new zone G (for Grays).

Not all stations outside London are included in these zones as several stations outside the Greater London boundary are within principal fare zones 4, 5 and 6.

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