Faria de Vasconcelos

Faria de Vasconcelos

António de Sena Faria de Vasconcelos Azevedo (1880-1939) was a Portugese educator and educationalist.

Faria de Vasconcelos studied law in Coimbra before going to study at the in 1902 . Like many Portugese teachers in the first half of the twentieth century, he spent some time at the Rousseau Institute in Geneva, where he was a student of Édouard Claparède.

He was headmaster of an experimental school at Bierges-les-Wavre, though the school did not survive World War I, and a professor at the New University of Brussels. He subsequently directed a training school for secondary school teachers which had been founded by in 1909. From 1918 to 1920 he taught a specialized course in educational psychology for school doctors at the normal school at Sucre in Bolivia. He was later a professor at Lisbon, where he founded the Institute of Careers Guidance (Instituto de Orientação Profissional) in 1925.



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