Albrechtshof railway station

Berlin Albrechtshof station

Berlin Albrechtshof
Category 5
Type Hp
DS100 code BAS
Construction and location
Opened 1943
Location Staaken
State Berlin
Country Germany
Local authority Spandau
52°32′58″N 13°07′42″E / 52.54944°N 13.12833°E
List of railway stations in the Berlin area

Berlin Albrechtshof is a railway station located in Staaken, a locality in the Spandau district of Berlin. It is, also with Berlin Staaken, the only Berliner DB station not served by the S-Bahn.


The station is situated on the "Hamburger Bahn" Berlin-Hamburg, between the stations of Berlin Spandau and .

Composed by 2 platforms with 2 rails for passenger service, is it served by the regional trains RB10 (Berlin Charlottenburg-Nauen) and RB14 (Senftenberg-Nauen).

On December 5, 1961 Albrechtshof station was the scene of the successful escape of a Reichsbahn steam-engine driver, who managed to overcome the barriers erected in August that year. As a consequence of the escape of 25 GDR citizens to West-Berlin, 20 metres of track were removed to prevent another breakthrough.

The event was basis for a 1963 film, The Breakthrough.[1]

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