The Lakes Important Bird Area

The Lakes Important Bird Area


The boundaries of the Important Bird Area (IBA) are defined by blocks of native vegetation greater than 1 ha on private land, state forests, nature reserves, water catchment areas and other reserves within a 6 km radius of non-breeding season roost sites for Long-billed Black Cockatoos. The IBA overlaps part of the .


The site has been identified as an IBA by BirdLife International because it supports at least 370 Long-billed Black Cockatoos, as well as lesser numbers of Short-billed Black-Cockatoos, in roost sites within range of foraging habitat outside the breeding season. The IBA also supports populations of Red-capped Parrots, Rufous Treecreepers, Western Spinebills, Western Thornbills and Western Yellow Robins.


Coordinates: 31°53′57″S 116°26′20″E / 31.89917°S 116.43889°E

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