IJsbrand van Diemerbroeck

Isbrand van Diemerbroeck


Isbrand van Diemrbroeck was born in Montfoort in 1609. He studied first in Utrecht, and then in Leiden under Daniel Heinsius and Otto Heurnius. He received his doctorate in medecine from the University of Angers. He worked in Nijmegen in 1635 and 1636, during the Black Death epidemic. He wrote about his eperiences in treating the plague in his work De Peste of 1646. He then went to Utrecht and married Elisabeth van Gessel on 18 October 1642. In 1649, he became a professor of medecine and anatomy at Utrecht University, where Regnier de Graaf was a student of his. He was twice rector of the University of Utrecht. His son Timann van Diemerbroeck, also a physician, collected his father's works in the Opera omnia in 1685.



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