Cirrus floccus

Cirrus floccus

Cirrus floccus
Cirrus floccus with virga
Cirrus floccus with virga
Abbreviation Ci flo
Symbol CH 2.png
Genus Cirrus (curl of hair)
Species floccus (flaked or puffy)
Altitude Above 5,000 m
(Above 16,500 ft)
Classification Family A (High-level)
Appearance small tufts
Precipitation cloud? Occasionally virga

Cirrus floccus is a type of cirrus cloud. The name cirrus floccus is derived from Latin, meaning "a lock of wool". Cirrus floccus occurs as small tufts of cloud, usually with a ragged base. The cloud can have virga falling from it, but the precipitation does not reach the ground. The individual tufts are usually isolated from each other. At formation, the cirrus floccus clouds are bright white and can be mistaken for altocumulus clouds; however, after a few minutes, the brightness begins to fade, indicating they are made up of pure ice, and are therefore at a higher level.

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