Jill Kingsbury

Jill Kingsbury

Jill Kingsbury
Shortland Street character
Portrayed by
Introduced by
Duration 2011 - present
First appearance 3 February 2011
episode 4664
Classification Present; Regular
Occupation Nurse at Shortland Street

Jill Kingsbury is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. She is portrayed by and arrived to the show in February 2011 as a potential love interest of Daniel Potts.



It was announced in January 2011 that Jill would be arriving to the show alongside Roimata Ngatai and that Jill would be "Beautiful, energetic and outgoing". It was also said that Jill would carry some hidden secrets.



Jill arrives in early February to a shocked Daniel Potts who she briefly dated while in Indonesia. Daniel's girlfriend, Sophie McKay grows jealous but they become friends when Jill starts to date her brother, Hunter. Jill starts a friendship with fellow new nurse Roimata, who she encourages to date TK.

In June 2011 : At the car yard, Jill is shocked to recognise salesman Neil as the security guard she assaulted years ago. Well aware of Jill's identity, Neil pretends not to know Jill. Callum McKay has his heart set on a particularly expensive car and Jill can't help feeling uneasy. Jill suspects Neil is trying to rip Callum off and she calls his bluff. She's stunned when Neil reveals he knows exactly who she is and blackmails her to let the inflated car sale go through - threatening to tell Callum the truth about her criminal past if she doesn't co-operate. Jill is relieved when Hunter derails Neil's attempt to rip Callum off. But Neil makes it clear that he could reveal Jill's past to Callum whenever he chooses. Jill fears that Neil plans to do so when he arranges to meet Callum the next day. Jill gets to Neil first and gives in to his blackmail by giving him money. Callum observes this and is taken aback. He collars Jill as she leaves the car yard, and Jill realises she has to come clean about her past. Jill confides that she has a criminal past and lied about it to get through nursing school, tearfully stating that Neil could ruin her career if he wanted to. Callum is furious and confronts Neil, demanding the money back and threatening to fill Neil's boss in on his underhanded dealings. Jill is grateful, and she and Callum share a warm moment.


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