Ark Recordings

Ark Recordings

Ark Recordings
Founded 2005
Distributor(s) PIAS Entertainment Group
Genre Indie
Country of origin UK
Official Website http://www.arkrecordings.com/

Ark Recordings is a London based independent record label run by Jamie Davis (of Transcopic Records) and Russell Warby (VP of WME Agency UK, Music Power 1001).

The label was launched in 2005 after Transcopic Records went on a hiatus and Davis joined forces with Warby to create a cross-atlantic signings imprint. It has since had releases by UK and international acts including Jamaican reggae artist Little Roy, New York based Alberta Cross, Turbo Fruits (feat. Be Your Own Pet's Jonas Stein), Josephine, Sparkadia, Tacks The Boy Disaster, Magic Wands and Liverpool's The 747s.

Releases like Josphine's ‘A Freak A' and Little Roy's Nirvana cover of ‘Sliver' have enjoyed extensive UK Radio coverage and press and online coverage. The label has also had mentions on BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music by Steve Lamacq and Nemone.


ARK001 - The 747s : Equilibrium / Set Me Free, 7"/CD/DL single (2006)
ARK002 - The 747s : Night & Day, 7"/CD/DL single (2006)
ARK003 - The 747s : Zampano, CD/ DL Album (2006)
ARK004 - The 747s : Death Of A Star, 7"/CD/DL single (2006)
ARK005 - The 747s : Rainkiss, DL single (2006)
ARK006 - Turbo Fruits : Turbo Fruits, CD/DL Album (2007)
ARK007 - Turbo Fruits : Volcano, 7" Ltd Edition/DL single (2007)
ARK008 - Tacks, The Boy Disaster : Oh, Beatrice EP, CD/DL Mini-Album (2007)
ARK009 - Sparkadia : Animals, DL single (2007)
ARK010 - Sparkadia : Too Much To Do, DL single (2008)
ARK011 - Sparkadia : Postcards, CD/DL Album (2008)
ARK012 - Magic Wands : Teenage Love, DL single (2008)
ARK013 - Magic Wands : Black Magic, 7"/DL single (2008)
ARK014 - Sparkadia : Morning Light, DL single (2008)
ARK015 - Alberta Cross : Thief and the Heartbreaker EP, CD/DL Mini-Album (2008)
ARK016 - Alberta Cross : Broken Side Of Time, CD/LP/DL Album (2009)
ARK017 - Alberta Cross : ATX, DL single (2009)
ARK018 - Turbo Fruits : Echo Kid, CD/DL Album (2009)
ARK020 - Turbo Fruits : Get Up Get On Down EP, CD/DL (2010)
ARK021 - Josephine : I Think It Was Love Digital EP, DL (2010)
ARK022 - Josephine : A Freak A EP, DL (2010)
ARK023 - Little Roy : Sliver/Dive, 7"/DL (2011)

Current Artists

Alberta Cross
Little Roy
Turbo Fruits
Tacks, The Boy Disaster


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