Forsaken Cowboy

Senior (album)

Studio album by Röyksopp
Released 13 September 2010
Genre Downtempo, trip hop, ambient
Length 55:52
Label Wall of Sound
Professional reviews

Senior is an instrumental album from Norwegian duo Röyksopp, released on 13 September 2010. The album has been described as an introspective, withdrawn, atmospheric counterpart to energetic Junior. Röyksopp described the album as having an "autumn mood" to it, while Junior had a "spring feel". In an interview with KCRW, Svein Berge likened Senior to "the senile sibling of Junior who lives in the attic." The Alcoholic has been described by the band as a "nostalgic idea based on this hobo who hitchhikes on trains and travels from place to place.". The CD's final track "A Long, Long Way" also includes the hidden track "The Final Day", which is available as a separate track on iTunes.

"The Drug" has been released as a 1-track promotional single from the album on 9 August 2010 via Dog Triumph label. Music video directed by That Go (Noel Paul & Stefan Moore) was released online on 3 September 2010. A short film directed by the same duo will be released soon.


Senior was originally supposed to be released in September 2010, but due to issues with the record label, Senior was delayed until October 26 in the US and Canada.


Royksopp touted Senior as more downtempo than Junior, and admitted that it may not be as accessible as Junior to their new listeners.


Royksopp released two films to promote Senior in 2010.

Royksopp's Adventures in Barbieland was released in August 2010 and was directed by Andreas Nilsson. The film showed Royksopp living as two elderly musicians in a house full of Barbie dolls.

Etter Opporet was directed by Norweigian film duo 'That Go' and starred Jessie Vanatta, Amanda Bauer, and Jenna Lammert as three girls in airbrushed shirts walking through the derelict district of Detroit Michigan.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "....And the Forest Began to Sing" 1:50
2. "Tricky Two" 7:48
3. "The Alcoholic" 5:10
4. "Senior Living" 5:09
5. "The Drug" 5:58
6. "Forsaken Cowboy" 5:28
7. "The Fear" 7:01
8. "Coming Home" 5:03
9. "A Long, Long Way" 4:01
10. "The Final Day" (hidden track) 6:42
Total length:



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