Béla Von Kehrling

Béla von Kehrling

Béla von Kehrling
Bela Kehrling 1914.jpg
Bela Von Kehrling in 1914 in the Hungarian National Tennis Championships
Nickname Puci
Country Hungary
Date of birth January 25, 1891
Place of birth , Austria-Hungary
Date of death April 26, 1937
Place of death Budapest, Hungary
Turned pro 1910
Retired 1933
Plays right-handed
Career titles 9
Grand Slam results
French Open QF (1929)
Wimbledon QF (1926, 1929)
Other tournaments
Olympic Games 4R (1912, )
Other Doubles tournaments
Olympic Games 2R (1912)
Mixed Doubles
Grand Slam Mixed Doubles results
Wimbledon QF (1926, 1927)
Last updated on: March 2, 2011.
Medal record
Table Tennis
Competitor for Hungary
World Table Tennis Championships
Silver London 1926 Doubles
Gold London 1926 Team

Béla von Kehrling, (January 25, 1891-April 16, 1937) was a Hungarian tennis, table tennis, and football player but eventually a winter sportsman familiar with ice-hockey and occasionally competing in bobsleigh.

Just as Fred Perry, he played both tennis and table tennis at the highest level. In 1926 he played in the first table tennis World Cup final in London with in doubles but lost to (who won the singles title) and . He was also featured in the Hungarian team that won gold in team competition. Originally he wasn't part of the national team. While the Hungarians unanimously swept all of the medals after Roland Jacobi's sinles and doubles success he suddenly been reported of the death of his father thus he decided to travel home. The substitute player was Béla von Kehrling who had to beat of Austria to have the team medal as well. He did so and completed the flawless victory for Hungary. In the end he took two medals in the table tennis world championships, one gold and one silver.

In 1924 he won the German Tennis Championships (now called German Open Hamburg). The following year he was back in the finals but then lost against Otto Froitzheim. The same year he won Hungarian tennis Championships (which he did 13 times altogether counting only the singles).

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