Hambantota Electoral District(1947–1989)

Hambantota Electoral District(1947–1989)

Hambantota electoral district was an electoral district of Sri Lanka between August 1947 and February 1989. The district was named after the city of Hambantota in Hambantota District, Southern Province. The 1978 Constitution of Sri Lanka introduced the proportional representation electoral system for electing members of Parliament. The existing 160 mainly single-member electoral districts were replaced with 22 multi-member electoral districts. Hambantota electoral district was replaced by the Hambantota multi-member electoral district at the 1989 general elections, the first under the PR system, though Hambantota continues to be a polling division of the multi-member electoral district.

1947 Parliamentary General Election

Results of the 1st parliamentary election held between 23 August 1947 and 20 September 1947 for the district:


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