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Moderate Party

Moderate Party
Moderata samlingspartiet
Party chairman Fredrik Reinfeldt
Party secretary Sofia Arkelsten
Parliamentary group leader Anna Kinberg Batra
Founded 17 October 1904
Headquarters Stora Nygatan 30,
Gamla stan, Stockholm
Student wing Moderate Students
Youth wing Moderate Youth League
Membership (2010) 55,612
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
European affiliation European People's Party
European Parliament Group European People's Party
Official colours Blue
107 / 349
European Parliament:
4 / 20
376 / 1,656
2,966 / 12,978
95 / 290
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The Moderate Party (Swedish: Moderata samlingspartiet: "the Moderate Coalition Party", commonly referred to in Swedish as Moderaterna: "the Moderates") is a centre-right, liberal conservative political party in Sweden. The party was founded in 1904 as the General Electoral League by a group of conservatives in the Swedish parliament. The party has had two other names during its history: the National Organization of the Right (1938–1952) and the Rightist Party (1952–1969).

Following the 2010 general election, where the party gained 30.06% of the vote, the party is the major component of the governing centre-right coalition, the Alliance for Sweden, along with the Centre Party, the Liberal People's Party and the Christian Democrats. The current chairman of the party is Fredrik Reinfeldt, who is also Prime Minister of Sweden. Reinfeldt has been credited for having moved the party more towards the centre in Swedish politics, which is also reflected by its own claim of being the "New Moderates".


Early history

The party was founded on 17 October 1904 in a restaurant called Runan in Stockholm. The intention was to start a campaign organization in support of the group of Conservatives which had emerged in the Riksdag. During the 19th century conservatives had organised themselves in the Riksdag but there was no party to support them. The Swedish right-wing were also threatened by the rise of the Social Democrats (founded in 1889) and the Liberals (1902). The party was called the General Electoral League (Swedish: Allmänna valmansförbundet).

The Rightist Party

Recent decades

Ideology and political positions

Voter base

Electoral history


The party is organized on national, county and municipal level. Currently the party has around 600 local party associations and 26 county or city associations Each county or city association sends delegates to the party congress, which is held every third year. The 200 congress delegates elects a party chairman, two deputy party chairmen and members of the party board. The party board appoints a party secretary.

In December 2009 the party's reported membership was 55,612 people, the second largest membership after the Social Democrats.

Affiliated organizations

The Moderate Party has the following affiliated groups and organizations:



First deputy party chairpersons (since 1935)

Second deputy party chairpersonss (since 1935)

Party secretaries (since 1949)

National ombudsmen (1909–1965)

Prime Ministers

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