Hedwig, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Hedwig, Abbess of Quedlinburg

Tombstone of Princess-Abbess Hedwig
Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg
Reign 1458-1511
House House of Wettin
Father Frederick II, Elector of Saxony
Mother Margaret of Austria-Styria
Born 31 October 1445
Died 13 June 1511 aoremovetag(aged 65)
Religion Roman Catholicism

Hedwig of Saxony (31 October 1445 - 13 June 1511) was Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg from 1458 until her death.

Born in Meissen, Hedwig was the daughter of Frederick II, Elector of Saxony, and Margaret of Austria.

In 1458, the 12-year-old Hedwig was elected successor of , who had died aged 42, by the chapter. Pope Calixtus III confirmed the election but decreed that the Princess-Abbess should reign under the guardianship of her father and canonesses of Quedlinburg until the age of 20. In 1465, she was invested with regalia by her uncle, Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, and started governing the abbey-principality on her own.


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