Wuling Mountains

The Wuling Mountains (simplified Chinese: 武陵山脉; traditional Chinese: 武陵山脈; pinyin: Wǔlíng Shānmài) is a mountain range located in Central China, running from Chongqing Municipality and East Guizhou to West Hunan.

The Wulingyuan Scenic Area in the east (Hunan Province) is a World Heritage Site, noted for its high mountains, strangely-shaped crags, clear waters, deep valleys, and mountain gullies.

The highest peak in the Wuling Mountains, Mt. Fanjing (Fanjingshan), is located in Guizhou province and has an altitude of 2,572 metres (8,438 ft). The Mt. Fanjing National Nature Reserve was established in 1978 and covers a total area of 567 square kilometres (219 sq mi). It is a conservation area for primitive vegetation of the mid sub-tropic alpine region of western China. The rare Guizhou (or Grey) snub-nosed monkey occurs only in a small region centering on Mt. Fanjing. Mt. Fanjing also has the status of a sacred Buddhist mountain.

The Wuling Mountains are also home to many ethnic groups, such as the Tujia, Han, Miao, Dong, and Bai.

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