Srijan 11

Srijan 2011 was held during 3 - 5 March 2011 as a techno-management Cultural festival. Incredible India theme was beautifully portrayed across the entire campus and festival with a multitude of fusion bands performing. Concerts by Javed Ali and Hard Kaur in 'Star Nites' gathered a crowd exceeding 5,000 people from colleges across the nation mainly from cities of Delhi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur & Kolkata. Performances by Motherjane and inspirational talk by Chetan Bhagat organised by management department of ISM Dhanbad were few other notabilities of the fest.

Srijan 10

Srijan 2010 was held during 25 - 27 February 2010 as a techno-management Cultural festival. Srijan 'Colours of Innovation' where colours of nature were meant to set alive saw breathtaking performances by Isha Sharvani and Daksha Sheth Dance Company. Simon Webbe (Lead vocalist BLUE) , Jal (band) , Juggy D and DJ Harshit (Winner of MTV’s ‘War of DJs') flamed the stage in Encore(Star Night) and Pro Show. To add to the glitz and glamour of the events Rannvijay Singh hosted the major part of the fest including Mr. & Mrs. Srijan.


The festival encompasses a plethora of cultural, technical, management as well as gaming events.


MR. & MS. SRIJAN This is the personality contest of SRIJAN 2k11. It is the most coveted individual event, a fun filled path to the most sought after title of MR. & MISS SRIJAN. Individuals who love the limelight turn up in hordes to participate and also watch the contestants face a ruthless examination on stage.

PRO-SHOWS 4000 heads banging, 50000 watts of sound, an open air stage, 2 consecutive nights and your chance to be in the midst of it all. Rudra (band), Them Clones, Parikrama (band), Demonic Resurrection, Evergreen…the list is endless but the stage the same. These are attended with enough enthusiasm to be considered a religion unto themselves. With people assembling hours before to get up close to their favorite bands, the event is a hotspot for both the audience and the sponsors.

DISCOTHEQUE The music is rocking, come shake a leg and get the party going. Dance aficionados revel in this high energy dancing away into the night on the rocking numbers played by some of the most happening DJs in India like DJ Harshit (winner MTV war of DJ’s). Set up in a fitting proper disc format, this event also has a session in the evening reserved for couples in the house with romantic numbers and dim lights.

UNPLUGGED Tired of the hosh-posh of pedals and distortions………the vintage sound of an acoustic guitar is what you dig………or the classical tabla….then this event is for you. The origins of unplugged are rooted in the flagship MTV event by the same name where the stars played their signature pieces on acoustic instruments while interacting with In house audiences.

HALLA BOL Street play acts as a channel of communication among people. The modern form is different only in the themes enacted. The street play groups analyses the society as it exists, visualizes its future, and then attempts to put the vision across.

RANG MANCHA This competition will see you pass through myriads of challenges where only the most deserving and talented survives. So battle it out through your skills while focusing on every aspect of stage such as expressions, costumes, dialogues, make up, props etc…..

AVALANCHE Here it calls out to all you head bangers out there. It’s Avalanche! the ultimate adrenaline pumping extravaganza at Srijan.

KHAMOSHI Sometimes, silence speaks a thousand words. Mime your stories to graceful gestures. Speak your emotions to attentive silences. This miming competition requires stories, mouths could never narrate; songs, lips could never sing and tales,that ears could never listen.

Colors And Paints

This section of Srijan encompasses a variety of creative events like face painting, t-shirt painting, wall painting, graphiti,etc. Other creative events like paper folding, designing, poster making,etc are too the forte of Colors and Paints.


This section of Srijan includes multiplayer gaming events such as FIFA (video game series), Need For Speed, Age of Empires, etc.


Paigam is the one stop stall for all entertaining events of Srijan. Anchored by a group of fun-loving enthusiasts every year Paigam takes the responsibility to make sure that the crowd enjoys utmost by hosting a number of on-spot events.



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