Sanjay Lake

Sanjay Lake

Sanjay Lake is an artificial lake developed by DDA in Trilokpuri in East Delhi, India. It spans over 69 ha, attracting migratory birds. This complex is known for an abundance of fine indigenous trees. A well-laid-out fitness track is very popular with walking-enthusiasts.

Sanjay Lake is the tourist location of Delhi. This is a lake along with a long park. Sanjay Lake has about 38 acres area and it is one of the longest park of East Delhi locations. Sanjay Lake is an artificial lake which is depended on sewer and rainwater. The lake has been developed by Delhi Development Authority in 1970.

Coordinates: 28°36′51″N 77°18′14″E / 28.61417°N 77.30389°E

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