Person of Interest (Rebecca Black song)

Person of Interest (song)

"Person of Interest"
Single by Rebecca Black
Released November 15, 2011
Format Digital download
Genre Dance-pop, teen pop
Length 3:20
Label RB
Rebecca Black singles chronology
"My Moment"
"Person of Interest"
Music video
"Person of Interest" on YouTube

"Person of Interest" is a song by American recording artist Rebecca Black. It was released on the iTunes Store under the label RB Records, as Black's third single on November 15, 2011. The accompanying music video was released later that evening. The song received poor reviews from critics, though they were not as critical as for her previous singles. Some noted the reduced amount of Auto-Tune used on Black's voice.


On October 25, 2011, Black announced via Twitter that she was in the filming process of her music video for her upcoming single. Five days later Black confirmed that the title of the upcoming single was "Person of Interest". Later that day, Black spoke with mun2, a Latino broadcast channel. She stated "My next single coming out is called 'Person of Interest.' The basis of it is that it's a love song but it's not a love song. It's about almost teenage crushes — when you're not in love yet but you really like a guy — which I'm really excited about because I don't think there are too many out like that. It's very much a dance type song. It will make you get up and dance and sing along in your car." On November 10, she revealed the cover artwork for "Person of Interest" on her Facebook page.


The song opens with addressing lyrics, "When I talk, you listen, I like that/When you listen, you smile and I like that/Why you lookin' lookin' at me just like that?" Near the end of the song, Black sings "Can't deny, you're implicated/In the mayhem in my mind/What has got me so frustrated/You should be mine, you should be mine"

Critical reception

"Person of Interest" received poor reviews from some critics, but not universally. Entertainment Weekly admitted that the song "could totally pass as a throwaway Selena Gomez or early Miley Cyrus track, so she’s got that going for her in the teen-pop realm." James Montgomery of MTV News criticized the use of pitch correction on Black's vocals saying "Her voice is still lacquered with studio sheen, particularly on the chorus and the "emotive" breakdown toward the back end, when all the instrumentation falls away and we're left with nothing more than Black's squelched-yet-slippery vocals." Nora Gasparian of HollyscoopTV described the song as "corny" and said "The song actually sounds a lot like Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" Lauren Croteau of KOvideo stated "The lyrics are lacking a bit but it's a far cry better than what we saw in "Friday"."

Music video

On November 3, 2011, Black posted a teaser of the official music video on her YouTube channel and again on November 10 with a small sneak peak of the song playing in the background. "Person of Interest" and its music video were released on November, 15, 2011. Within 48 hours of its release, the video received over 1,000,000 views on YouTube.

The video opens with the camera zoomed in on a police line. Black is then seen inside the police line describing to a police officer the appearance of her "person of interest" while the officer draws a sketch on a piece of paper. She is then seen competing in fun activities in an amusement park with her person of interest, a child who resembles Justin Bieber,(portrayed by Alex Constancio) such as mini-golf and riding on go karts. The video ends with Black walking off with her person of interest outside the police line. The video was shot at Golf N' Stuff in Norwalk, California, which is also known for having been a location in the movie The Karate Kid.

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