Khror is a gotra of Jats. They are found in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India. There are eight villages Dharam Kheri, Ugalan, Bhaklana, Badchapper, Khera, Mohla etc. in district Hisar, Ghuskani, in district Rohtak in Haryana. There are five villages in Panipat district namely, Karsindhu, Nara, Chota Nara, etc. There are few villages in District Jind like and are some village near Bahadurgarh and Najafgarh are bakargarh,mundhela kalan and mundhela khurd and Gohana and village Tobra in District Mohindra Garh Haryana

Villages in Rohtak district

Villages in Karnal district

-Samaspur Villages in Kurukshetra district

Tobra (तोबङा)

Villages in Panipat district

Villages in Sonipat district

History and Traditions

Kharb's are Jats, traditionally farmers by profession. However now, since caste and class boundaries are breaking down, they are also working in other fields. some resides in charkhi dadri also.


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