Englbert Schücking

Engelbert Schücking

Engelbert Schücking (born 1926, in English-language works often cited as E. L. Schucking) is a physics professor at New York University in New York City. His research interests are theoretical astrophysics, general relativity and cosmology


A misnomer

Despite its title, the book: On Einstein's Path: Essays in Honor of E.L. Schucking (Springer) is in fact a collection of essays on various advanced aspects of general relativity and cosmology. Although written "in honor" of Englebert Schücking, these essays have very little to do with Schücking himself. Only the Preface (written by Alex Harvey), and the first(written by Schücking) and last essays contain some historical material related to this physicist, from which the current article was inspired. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone with less than a PhD in general relativity and related subjects.

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