Magic: A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio

Magic: A Tribute To Ronnie James Dio

Magic : A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio is a compilation album, released on 15 June 2010. It is a tribute album to Ronnie James Dio, featuring covers of several songs he had sung during his time with bands such as Rainbow, Black Sabbath and his own band Dio.

Track listing

  1. Manowar - Heaven and Hell
  2. Holyhell - Holy Diver (Live in Norway)
  3. Metalforce - The Last in Line
  4. Magic Circle All Star Band - Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
  5. Awaken - I Speed at Night
  6. Crosswind - A Light in The Black
  7. Dean Cascione - Never More
  8. Feinstein - Far Beyond
  9. Harlet - Straight Through The Heart
  10. Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Catch the Rainbow

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