List of actors and actresses of Jewish descent or religion

List of Jewish actors

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Each entry should be accompanied by a reliable source identifying the individual as a Jewish Actor, For more on why reliable sources may consider a person Jewish, see Who is a Jew?. Ideally, the best source of this information is self-identification by the person himself; however in some cases sources may identify the person as Jewish by virtue of one or more parents being Jewish, or by conversion to Judaism—these must be recorded in the list along with the source.

The table is organized chronologically, listing people by decade of birth.

Born in the 1990s

Born in the 1980s

Born in the 1970s

Born in the 1960s

Born in the 1950s

Born in the 1940s

Born in the 1930s

Born in the 1920s

Born in the 1910s

Born in the 1900s

Born in the 1890s

Born in the 1880s

Born in the 1800s to 1870s


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