Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts

Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts

Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts
Studio album by Half Japanese
Released 1980
Recorded 1977-1979

Indie rock, punk, post-punk, experimental rock, Lo-fi,

Alternative rock
Half Japanese chronology
Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts

Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts is the first trilpe record by Michigan rock group Half Japanese.

Track listing

Vinyl version

Side one
  1. "No Direct Line From My Brain To My Heart"
  2. "10th Ave. Freezeout"
  3. "Ta Sheri Ta Ta"
  4. "My Girlfriend Lives Like A Beatnik"
  5. "Her Parents Come Home"
  6. "Shhh/ Shhh/ Shhh"
  7. "Girls Like That"
  9. "No More Beatle Mania"
Side two
  1. "Tangled Up In Blue"
  2. "Patti Smith"
  3. "School Of Love"
  4. "Jodi Foster"
  5. "Shy Around Girls"
  6. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"
  7. "Bogue Millionaires/ Cool Millionaires"
  8. "Tn Tn Tn Tn KI"
Side three
  1. "I Can't Stand It Any More"
  2. "I Love Oriental Girls"
  3. "Dream Date"
  4. "Du Du Du / Du Du Du"
  5. "Ain't Too Proud To Beg"
  6. "Ann Arbor. Mi."
  7. "I'm Going To The Zoo"
  8. "Shi Yi Yi"
  9. "Rave On"
  10. "I Ta Nasi Si Na Mi Eee"
  11. "Till Victory"
  12. "Rip My Shirt To Shreds"
Side four
  1. "I Don't Want To Have Mono No More"
  2. "She Cracked"
  4. "Funky Broadway Medley"
  5. "I'm Sorry"
  6. "T/ T/ T/ T/ T/ T"
  7. "The Worst I'd Ever Do"
Side five
  1. "Live"
Side six
  1. "Live"

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