2011 European Diving Championships

2011 European Diving Championships

2011 European Diving Championships
Host city Turin, Italy
Nations participating 22
Athletes participating 103
Events 11
Dates 8 March – 13 March
Main venue Monumentale Pool
Website www.torino2011.len.eu

The 2011 European Diving Championships took part from 8–13 March 2011 in Turin, Italy. For the second time, the event was held separately from the swimming euro championships. The event was held on Monumentale Diving Stadium. The former capital of Italy was hosting European Diving Championships for the third time after 1954 and 2009. The 2011 Championships were also an event within the frame of the 150-year celebrations of the unification of Italy. A total of ten disciplines was on the schedule. Additionally, there was a team event on the first day of competition.






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Participating Nations

103 athletes from 22 nations competed.


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