Chidiya Ghar

Chidiya Ghar

Chidiya Ghar
Genre Comedy
Format Situational comedy
Country of origin India
Language(s) Hindi
Camera setup 480i (SDTV)
Running time approx. 24+ minutes
Original channel SAB TV
Original airing November 28, 2011

Chidiya Ghar is a comedy TV show which is shown on SAB TV in India, starring , Debina Bonnerjee produced by . It starts with a Narayan Family who lives in Mumbai.Every family members are having any animal's quality.


A happy family resides in Mumbai.The senior in this house is Kesari Narayan.He is a retired Principal.He have his three sons named Ghotak Narayan,Gomukh Narayan and Kapi Narayan.Wife of Ghotak Narayan is Koyal Narayan and wife of Gomukh Narayan is Mayuri Narayan.Kapi is unmarried but he crashes on her neighbour friend who is South Indian.There are one son and one daughter of two brothers who are very mischievous.Passed away wife of Kesari Narayan's wife Chidiya gave her mother's servant as Dahej who is very foolish and lazy person.


Kesari Narayan - He is the oldest member of Narayan Family.He has an quality of Lion.He use to teach his grand son Chintu and her grand daughter.

Ghotak Narayan - he is the older son of Kesari Narayan.He has an quality of Horse as he is fast in every work and he is a TC(ticket checker).He is aggressive man and very active person.He has an catchphrase'Hawda nikal jaegi'.

Koyal Narayan - She is the wife of Ghotak Narayan.She always make the voice of koel but she sings very bad.To awake his husband Ghotak,she plays CD player with any old song and performs the lipsing of the song played in the CD player.

Gomukh Narayan - He is a young son of Kesari Narayan.He has an quality of cow.He is very slow working person.He is very silent person

Mayuri Narayan - She is the wife of Gomukh.She has an quality of peacock .She dances very well.She always wants her five praises from her husband per day.

Billo - She is the sister of Kesari Narayan. First she only asks a question and then she only gives the answer.She is very aggressive lady.

Gadha Prasad - he is the home servant of the house.He has an quality of Donkey as he is very foolish.If anybody jokes with him that burst this coconut,he burst it.He always changes the ringtone of the mobile of Kesari Narayan.He always bring something and says 'iska kya karoon'.

Kapi Narayan - he is the youngest son of Kesari Narayan.He always live on the roof of house.He loves her neighborhood friend.

Set of Chidiya ghar and BMC workers

the set of Chidiya ghar was demolished by the BMC workers because the set was built by an illegal way and the crew members of serial 'Chidiya ghar' were also arrested.The popular show Lapataganj's set was also demolished by BMC workers due to same reason.These two show's directors shared the walls of Lapataganj and Chidiya ghar's set.

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